2017-12-30 7th IHREC, Chile 2016 – Published Papers

It was rewarding to receive the publication of key papers presented during the 2016 International Conference on Human Rights Education that was held on December 12-15, 2016, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile (Universidad de Chile).    7IHREC CONFERENCE BANNER (2)

The 2016 IHREC was the first of these Conferences to be held in Latin America. It was organized by the Faculty of Law’s Center for Human Rights and its Office of Outreach, in cooperation with Western Sydney University. The Organizing Committee of the VII IHREC included representatives from both the University of Chile and Western Sydney University. From the University of Chile: Lea Newfarmer, Myrna Villegas, Alex Choquemamani, Paulina Pulido, Natalia Reyes, Lorena Pino, Camila Araneda, Claudia Cárdenas, Javier Godoy, Nicolas Bosbach, and Sebastián Candia. From Western Sydney University: Sev Ozdowski.

The Conference, which was bilingual, brought together academics, students, activists, government officials, members of NGOs, and experts to discuss the most pressing issues regarding human rights education (HRE). Over four days, the IHREC participants took part in thematic panels and poster presentations that dealt with eight issues: 1. Human rights education (HRE) in formal education systems. 2. HRE in professional training. 3. HRE for the general public. 4. Judiciary and HRE. 5. Transitional justice and HRE. 6. Multiculturalism and HRE. 7. Gender and HRE. 8. Social rights and HRE. This publication compiles a majority of the presentations given during the thematic panels, in the language in which they were presented and organized into thematic chapters that reflect the eight issues detailed above. Throughout the discussions, conference participants presented case studies and theoretical frameworks that should guide the promotion of best practices in human rights education. They identified major political, economic and cultural obstacles that hinder the full exercise of human rights and the ways that HRE can help confront those obstacles.

For the publication see :  VII IHREC Chile

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