Welcome to Human Rights Online.

This site summarises contemporary human rights issues with a focus on my work undertaken as Australian Human Rights Commissioner and Disability Discrimination Commissioner (2000-05) and in human rights education area. It aims to advance human rights for everyone in Australia and elsewhere around the world.

The site provides educational resources which focus on the importance of civil liberties and political rights in the contemporary world. It is my firm believe that any just society must have a government being accountable to its people, be based on the rule of law and commitment to equality of all before the law. Such society requires education about rights and responsibilities as well as leadership willing and able to advance fair go for all and in particular for those who are less fortunate or in minority.

Through my blog I put contemporary human rights issues on a national agenda, as I did when I initiated the inquiries into children in immigration detention and mental health services and when I initiated international conferences on human rights education.

Dr Ozdowski teaches human rights and offers consulting and advisory services.